At Aldersgate Christian Preschool we believe in the education of the whole child - educationally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  All classes are planned and taught following the belief that we are all God's children.  We are a diverse community and all are welcome in the United Methodist Church.  Aldersgate Christian Preschool provides a warm, caring, open, accepting and inclusive preschool program which fosters Christian values.  

All are welcome at ACP!

The Aldersgate Christian Preschool Staff is committed to:
  • nurture each child in developing a positive self image
  • offer children educational and social opportunities at an age appropriate level
  • use positive reinforcement to create a well managed environment
  • promote and reflect Christian values throughout the entirety of our program

  • maintain a loving preschool environment which stimulates educational growth
  • offer a variety of learning activities, enhance social awareness and responsibilities
  • provide positive individual and group interaction and promote self assurance

Aldersgate Christian Preschool,
Feb 1, 2019, 3:06 PM