First Step and 2/3 Preschool 

Classes are 2 days a week for children who are 2 years old by August 31st. It is ACP’s policy to enroll students in one First Step or 2/3 class unless approved by the Director.

First Step classes are for younger 2 year olds with spring and summer birthdays and for 2 year olds who would do better with less structure. 

2/3 Preschool classes are for older 2 year olds with fall or winter birthdays.

3/4 Preschool 

Classes are for children who are 3 years old by August 31st.  Class options are M/W or T/Th.           *Classes can be combined for a total of 4 days a week.  Any class can be extended an additional day by adding the Friday class.   Students in 3/4 classes must be potty trained.


Classes are for children who are at least 4 years old by August 31st.  There are four options for Pre-K:   TTh, MWF, Mon-Thu and Mon-Fri.  Students in the Tuesday/Thursday Pre-K class have the option of adding Fridays.  Please note that the TTh class time is 9:30-1:30 only.

Classes for the 2017/2018 school year run from September 13th through June 7th

          First Step      MW or TTh         9:30-12:00                $195.00/month

          2/3                MW or TTh          9:30-12:00                $195.00/month

3/4                MW or TTh         9:30-12:00                $195.00/month

          Pre-K            TTh                       9:30 -  1:30                $293.00/month

          Pre-K            MWF                    9:30-12:00                 $293.00/month

          Pre-K            M-Th                    9:30-12:00                 $390.00/month

          Add Friday                                 9:30-12:00                $   98.00/month

          Add Extended Day                   12:00-1:30                 $  15.00/day 

Friday classes are offered for children who are 3 years old by August 31st.  The Friday class includes a continuation of the curriculum offered throughout the week with an additional emphasis on science, math, movement and drama.

An Extended Day option is available for those times you need your child to stay for lunch.  Students who stay until 1:30 bring a lunch from home and eat together in the school lunchroom.  The cost is $15/day and will be added to your invoice the following month.

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Sep 11, 2017, 2:09 PM