COVID Response

Aldersgate Christian School's will be following the following COVID-19 protocols:

Masks are optional for both students and staff . Your family gets to choose if your student wears a mask or not. We will use gentle reminders if we know a child is not doing what you prefer but we will not forcefully put on/off a mask against their will. Talk to your children about what your family has decided when it comes to wearing masks.

● All CDC recommended cleaning guidelines will be followed.

Limited class sizes are being offered. Additional spaces will only open if/when it is deemed safe.

● Drop offs and pick ups will be outside to limit people inside our classrooms.

● All ACP staff will be fully vaccinated.

Covid Protocols have been put into place as safety is and always will be, our top priority.

- This starts in the morning. If your child doesn’t feel good – KEEP THEM HOME. Fever or not.

- If your child starts showing Covid symptoms (Fever, coughing, shortness of breath, body aches,etc):

o Keep your child home

o Test as soon as possible, PCR is best – but home tests are okay

o If Negative

They can come to school when they are symptom free, but you should test again in 3-5 days

o If Positive

Let Teacher know immediately

Stay home for at least 5 days. After 5 days test again. If negative and symptoms have greatly improved and no fever for 24 hours, they can return to school with a mask for 5 days.

If positive after 5 days, continue staying home until day 8 and they are symptom free, then mask for 5 days.

o Close Contact Letter

If a person in your child’s class tests positive, you will receive a “Close Contact” letter. The CDC has suggested no close contact notices are needed, but we feel at this age, parents would like to know.