Cindy Kuiken

Welcome to ACP’s MWF Pre-K Class

Dawn Guymer and I would like to welcome you and your child to the MWF Pre-K class. We are excited to meet each one of you and look forward to a wonderful year filled with learning and making new friends.

Pre-K is a great place for your children to develop friendships, explore God’s beautiful world and develop a life-long love of learning. Our day will provide opportunities for your child to engage in circle time, science, language experience, music, games, art, cooking and indoor and outdoor play. When you look into our classroom, you might think we’re just involved in “kid’s play,” but we are really learning essential skills that will help your child grow and develop. Play is a child’s work! Through all of our fun activities, your child will be learning to make the transition to Kindergarten an easy one by working on the following skills:

Language Development (a key component for pre-reading and reading skills)- stories, dramatizations, sharing time, pretend play, music and finger plays.

Pre-Reading and Pre-Math- letter and number recognition, reading a variety of books every day, making class and individual books, matching, sorting, patterning and classification.

Small and Large Motor Development- eye/hand coordination, cutting, writing, drawing, stringing, skipping, hopping and riding.

Social Skills- learning to share, using our words, playing and working cooperatively through our Second Step Curriculum.

We are excited to start the new year and are eager to explore God’s wonderful creation together with your children. Thank you for sharing them with us!


Cindy Kuiken