The Aldersgate Christian Preschool staff is committed to:

Nurture each child in developing a positive self image

Offer children educational and social opportunities at an age appropriate level

Use positive reinforcement to create a well managed environment

Promote and reflect Christian values throughout the entirety of our program

Maintain a loving preschool environment which stimulates educational growth

Offer a variety of learning activities, enhance social awareness and responsibilities

Provide positive individual and group interaction and promote self assurance

Power of Play


To provide high quality learning through a blended approach of purposeful teaching, natural exploration through play and emergent learning. We know that "Play is Powerful."

We are a developmentally appropriate preschool with highly qualified staff and ratios that allow us to know your child!

The classrooms are set up with learning centers which encourage curiosity and exploration.  We base our curriculum on the children’s interests and passions. We believe and have seen children learn best when their interests are captured.  This also enables us to allow for greater understanding of each child’s needs and more thoughtful and individualized programs for children and families.

Outdoor Play


We at ACP take pride in our extensive play areas- nestled in nature, and blessed in size and variety of safe, age-appropriate equipment. We ensure that the 5 Outdoor Preschool Principles are always in play! Safety, Different Types of Play, instilling Zones for Different Energy Levels, Working Together w/ Nature, and providing Equipment that Encourages Creative Play.  

Being in the great Pacific Northwest, we strive for outdoor time daily - rain or shine!  However, if conditions are deemed extreme, we do have ample gross motor play options up in the church Friendship Hall - with climbers, riding toys, teeter totters, gym equipment and more - always at our disposal!

Health and Safety


There is a definite correlation between nutrition and a child’s behavior. Children learn and behave best when their nutritional needs are met. Please pack healthy options for your child’s snack and in your child’s lunch by limiting the amount of sugar and salt in your child’s diet. Try to include foods that have high nutritional value such as lean meat/cheese/tofu/soy, fruit/vegetables, and other complex carbohydrates. Water and 2% milk are recommended sources of fluids for children over age two. There are many resources available to learn about nutrition. Let the office know if you are interested in more information.

We take the utmost precautions in ensuring optimum health and safety here at ACP.  We sanitize all surfaces and toys routinely while being mindful of our environment, and have a custodial team clean daily.  We exercise good hygiene and preventative illness protocol with students and teachers alike, and all our staff are up to date with our CPR/First Aid/Emergency training.