Although we all understand that getting out of the house can be hectic, teachers ask that families please take the time to eat breakfast in the morning. Children need the fuel to get started in a positive way with school and friends and that can be difficult if they skip breakfast. Even though adults can survive on coffee(!), children cannot. They need the food for energy, growth and learning. So, please make sure to build into your morning time for your child to eat. The wait time until snack is a long one if they did not get breakfast.

ACP families provide their children's snack and are asked to send it in an easily accessible container and separate from their lunch if they are participating in the extended day program.

A Typical Snack includes a grain, dairy and a fruit or vegetable along with water to drink.

Sample snack options:

Graham cracker, cheese stick, and a clementine orange with water

Goldfish crackers, yogurt and apple slices with water

Carrots, cheese cubes and cheerios with water

Banana halves, cheese-it crackers and cheese slices

If you child has a food/touch allergy, please contact your teacher and the office for us to work with your child to keep them safe.

We are not a tree-nut free facility due to outside vendor use of our facilities.

Extended Day Lunch

For extended day lunch, we ask parents to send in a lunch for their child. We encourage parents to remember that the food they send in should be healthy and fuel their child's body for their time of learning and enjoying the outdoors. Please limit their sweets and treats.

We ask you to only send in what a child can eat. Often parents overestimate what a child portion should be and then can find it frustrating to have food come home in their lunch box. Children need smaller servings like part of a fruit like half a banana or a handful of blueberries, 2 or 3 rolled up sandwich meat with cheese or tofu, a few veggie sticks and a carbohydrate like a small snack bag of crackers, a slice of bread or a small container of rice. To drink, we suggest that you send either water or 1% milk.